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So Airy found a cup of cheerios that was meant for the car because it was a presealed cup. Mommy said no, those aren't for now. Airy whined "Want special, want special cheerios." So mommy gave her some "Elmo cheerios." Which was met with a wail, NOOOOO want special cheerios, no want those" So mommy said ok fine you don't want them don't have them. and took them away. she was satisfied with that.
* * *
Today we went out to the park. I saw the building and remembered there were bears in it but mommy said it wasn't open today. So we went on a little walk behind the bear building. We saw water and threw sticks in it and rocks. That was fun. Then I found a pretty leaf. Mommy showed me onion grass and let me eat a piece. Mommy hopes this doesn't make me think I can eat any grass. We took a little hike and mommy found another pretty leaf. I carried both the leaves and the onion grass till We got o a pond where I got to "catch" leaves with a stick and swirl around the little green plants growing in a sheet on the water. Than I put both my leaves in the water. Then we saw the water fountain and I got to push the button and put my hand in that water to!
On our way out we saw a little boy about my size. I shoe him that I found a rock. He pu one finger on it and we stood there for a while. Then I pointed and showed him my eyes, he said "eyes" very quietly, we stood there some more. Then things seemed to be getting awkward So I kind of jumped away and did a little hyper dance, than we said goodbye.
* * *
When airy whines I tell her "You need to ask nicely, can you say please?" So the other day she decided it would be fun to smack me in the face, I grabbed her and and said "No! That's not nice." So she said, ever so sweetly "Please?"

I'm also trying to teach her the difference between happy and sad, I gave her a cracker the other day and her face just lit up. So I said "You're happy!" Now when she wants a cracker she asks for "Happy? Happy?"

Of course she has a strong preference for words ending in "Y" Water is wy? Color is cy? butterfly is fly? Even though she can say bu-ufly. She's kind of a lazy talker. She says so much though, her lastest thing is "There you go." we said that to her one day and she must have said it ten times afterward. "deh gyou go."

Poor baby has pinkeye and an ear infection in both ears. The pinkeye at least is clearing up very nicely. THe ear infection we only found yesterday. She had quite the traumatic doctors visit, as she got a shot and they had to wash out her ears, afters trying unsuccessfully to scrap them out. The doctor said the one membrane is bulging a bit to which worries me. This is the third time now she's had an ear infection.
* * *
My baby is now 18 months old. (as of a couple of days ago.) I can't believe how much she's grown especially in the last few months. She says so many words, at least 20 plus. She figure out so many things (like how to get out of her highchair without help, that one gave mommy a turn.) She just amazes me. Seeing this little person grow and become smarter and start to think and figure things out is the most amazing experience. And my mom was right, parenting is way better as they get older.

She helped me vacuum today, I used the big vacuum and gave her the little vacuum. I had to show her to push it around, she was inclined to just hold it in one place but she did good once she got the hang of it. Very haphazard,but that's to be expected.

A couple of days ago I met Jason and her at Mcdonald's for dinner after work, I expected her to be all excited to see me as she often is when I get off work. Instead she just looks at me, points to the chair next to her and States "Seat!" in a command voice. What a funny little personality I'm raising.

She's so good in general about cleaning, whenever i clean she has to grab a little piece of paper or a rag and "clean" to. She's also good about picking things up.

I made our first homeschooling purchase today, these two books. hopefully they will be useful. My husband went to a montessorri preschool for a little while when he was young and was very impressed by their methods.

How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way
Teaching Montessori in the Home : Elizabeth G. Hainstock

She picked up her first daycare illness the other day, some sort of puking things, managed to get puke truely everywhere in her crib. I gave her some old frozen breastmilk and kefir last night. She seemed fine already anyway but it can't hurt.

right now she's carrying the little vaccuum around going "vrwoomy" hald crying because she doesn't know how to turn it on herself. Mommy forgot to put it back out of her reach.

She loves to color(kI? kI?), love to push any buttons that make noise. Pretend to talk on any cell phone really or anything that looks like a cell phone. Love to put them up to other people ears while demanding they say "HI!" "HI!" She loves going outside (side? side?) but doesn't last long in the cold. She loves broccoli and popcorn and pudding and yogurt. doesn't love pork or turkey. Eats like someone who weighs 120 pounnds should most days. Don't know where she's putting it though, probably into brain development. And she's going ot be a big sister.
* * *
Pictures to come later.

Bab had a party at her day care. She got to pick herself out a halloween basket. She picked the black one, what a great little baby bat.

We took her trick or treating for a short while. She was afraid of the cndy bowls, ALL of the candy bowl,s regardless of whether there was a person behind it or not. We'd put her down and she'd back away sayoing "no, no." She was worried about ruining her diet I'm sure. Although one house was giving out white choclate candy coffins off a cookies tray, she wanted to grab all of those and put them in her bucket.

She was a lady bug fairy. The costu,me said it was for a 3 year old but it fit her perfectly, it wouldn't have been quite indecent on a 3 year old.

Mommy and daddy are enjoying her candy, lol. Even more enjoying uber cheap twix from the after halloween clearance at target.

* * *
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My baby girl is growing up. In the last couple of weeks she's starting walking as her primary mode of transportation. She get around nowq. She especially loves to grabs boxes of food and toddle off to D&C (dump and consume) in private.

She is now eating enough that we sometimes order her her won kiddy meal. Like when we went out to lunch Thursday she ate 75% plus of her kiddy meal, well not so much of the toast, but who eats the toast anyway.

She's also starting to become much more willful. When you take away something she wants she scream her angry red-faced defiance at you. I think the terrible two's come early. People used to compliment her on how good she was when we went out to stores. Now they smile in that way. That way that say "I feel for you but boy am I glad that's not me anymore." Someday I to will be able to give those smiles. In the mean time....french fries are a very effective bribe where they last.

* * *
My baby took her first step today! only 1.5 before she fell on her face but sooo cool!

Friday I dropped her off at the sitters. She was pretty ok seemed to be happy to see the other kids and toys. I put her down in the living room, clutching tightly to the cookie I'd given her before she left. The dog came over pulled the cookie out of her hand and ate it! so much for a happy goodbye. Screaming and wailing and crawling after mommy as she left ensued. Poor baby! good thing the babysitter was making breakfast right then.

She can more or less get in and out of her walker by herself now she seems to be enjoying it more now that she's getting closer to walking. Over all she's loved the walker but she had a month or two where she wasn't as interested.

So my mom has all these moments from when I was a child that she couldn't wait to be visited on me. The colicy baby is beyond happening but another one happened this morning. My baby called for me to come get her and I came in to find her naked having stripped and peed on her poopy diaper and smeared the poop all over herself and the crib. Ewwwwww. When I got her out she pointed and said "I good" I told her "no that wasn't very good" and she cried a little.

Today I finally got her a little climb and slide outdoor toy. I went to a yard sale that was kind of lame but around the corner someone put out a slide for free. YAY for free! I really wanted one for her and everything I'd seen got snatched up.

I thought it would be fun to fill out a little get to know me profile for her.

Name AJE

Age 12 months

Favorite foods french fries, gerber puffs, onions, peas

Least favorite foods: apples, peaches

Favorite books: ones that make noise, goodnight moon, runaway bunny

Favortie toys: Stuffed Horton, TMX elmo keychain, playsilks

Loves to give kisses, be carried in her Beco, get out of her carseat and play in her kiddy pool.
Current Mood:
excited excited
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this morning my baby wakes up with a wail, as every morning.
I go to get her, she stops wailing, bends down and picks up invisible item and says, "whu i?" Then bounces up and down going "ahhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhh" Then says "ooo doo?" Then shakes crib bars. so I shake the crib bars with her, isn't this fun?As enjoyable as this bizzare little performance is I do finally pick her up to take her out of the crib, a fact she seems pleased with.

Right now she's in her unbuttoned pajama's which look like a little old fashioned baby dress, so cute.

Tell me why my daughter has to be inherently most attracted to the toy purse complete with makeup someone got her for her birthday? Why not the little singing car? Singing cars are great. Why the makeup? le sigh....

* * *
Daddy just put the baby girl to sleep. What a good daddy. He's picking up on the daddy skills. :-) Good thing to because the little one have learned to stand up in her crib. Not much hope of her going to sleep that way. Bedtime is not my favorite time of the day. Nice to know daddy can help sometimes to.

My baby is starting to take steps with help. Yesterday she saw her little friend walking around so she was trying to walk as well. too bad she didn't realize she can't yet! :-) We didn't let her fall. She's getting so big.

She's also starting to eat little gerber puffs, she seem to like them. Still not eating much solid food yet though. Which is a little frustrating. Next week I start working. She's going to be with my mo four days a week and most likely at a home daycare one day a week. I've been to the lady's house before and she seems ok. I'm a little worried though because she has dogs. I'm actually fairly worried about it but trying not to be. The lady of course says her dogs are great around kids blah blah blah but so do most do people I've met and it's often not true. She does have other daycare kids around all the time though so it's probably true.
* * *
The little one is starting to crawl. It's pretty neat. She tands to sort of fall from side to side as she does because she's not that coordinated yet. It's very cute though, she looks like a wiggles worm.

I'm trying to teach her not to grab the leaves on her swing. I tell her no and she alternates between just stopping, grinning at me like "Aren't I cute" (it's so hard not to laugh at that, which doesn't help matter any) and screaming blood murder at me or daring to tell her what to do. I have a strong willed baby already, for all she seems so sweet.

The hardest part of potty training is knowing when she's done. This morning I guessed wrong, lol. It was a big mess.

Jason's aunt sent Airy a Horton (elephant) for Valentines day. It's the first stuffed animal she's taken any interest in really. For some reason she's thinks it's just hysterical. I think it has high potential to become her lovey.

* * *
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